The Ins and Outs of Skin Care

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The Ins and Outs of Skin Care

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Washing your face can be important for getting rid of bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt and dead skin cells that get on your face throughout the day. It also helps prevent aging and treat acne.
Toners are designed to cleanse the skin and shrink your pores. There are three ways to apply toner, the first is using a cotton pad and swipe the product around your face. Others come in bottle form with a spray nozzle cap, which allows you to spritz your face easily.  The last way to apply is by using a tonic gauze face mask.

Skin tonic toner contains a small quality of up to 20% alcohol content, water, and humectant ingredients.
Acid toners are a stronger form of a toner that usually contains alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy. This toner is more for exfoliating your skin.
Astringent is the strongest toner, it contains 20-60% alcohol, antiseptic ingredients, and humectant ingredients. Astringent can be irritating and damaging to the skin, it can remove excess protective lipids as well as denature proteins. Astringents can be very drying for the skin. Avoid alcohol-based and chemical-based astringents if you have dry or sensitive skin. If you have acne and dry skin, an astringent may further irritate breakouts, leading to peeling and additional redness.  The cleanser is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oils, and dirt. It helps unclog your pores and prevent skin conditions like acne.
There are many types of cleansers, depending on your skin type different formulas may or may not work as anticipated.
Gel cleansers are more ideal for oily and combination skin types. The gel is designed for deep cleansing, removing excess oils, decongesting clogged pores and killing acne-causing bacteria.
Cream cleansers are for dry or sensitive skin types. They are usually a thick or creamy consistency. They gently cleanse your skin without stripping your natural oils.
Foam cleansers are mainly for oily and combination skins. It’s lightweight and starts as a cream or gel, then burst to a rich, foamy lather. This removes excess oils as effectively as a gel.
Oil cleanser works best for most skin types. Oil is a gentle way to remove pore-clogging debris-including waterproof make-up without drying out your skin.
A micellar cleanser is more for dry and sensitive skin. Micellar has tiny oil molecules, that suspend into soft water that attracts oil, dirt, and make-up. Also, you don’t need to wash off this cleanser.
Moisturizers are mainly used to soften and moisturize your skin.
Emollient based moisturizers are great for normal, dry or combination skin types. The lipids and the oils fill in all the cracks on your skin. Look for ingredients like silicone (dimethicone Cyclomethicone), lanolin, shea butter and rose-hip. Think of light cream or light lotion formulas.
Humectant based moisturizers are more for oily type skin types. Binds water to the skin to help keep it on the surface, absorbs quickly and has a more lightweight and gel consistency. Look for hyaluronic acid, glycerin, honey, and aloe vera.
Occlusive based moisturizers are more for dry, mature or dehydrated skin. This type of moisturizer has a thicker consistency. Blocks the evaporation of water. Look for mineral oil, lanolin, beeswax, olive oil or shea butter. Think balms, or thicker creams.
How to wash your face
First, you would want to wash your face with a cleanser. Use lukewarm water, then pat your face dry with a towel or washcloth. Afterward, apply a toner, and then moisturizer. Depending on your skin type, you should wash your face with the cleanser in the morning and at night, or just at night, but beware of overwashing your face. It leads to irritation and lack of moisture Listen to your skin and how it reacts to certain products and/or brands.
Cleanser Review
Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Cleanser $8.49
Helped with acne, and got the dirt out of my pores. What I’ve noticed when the use of this product is around the central part of the face tighten, but my skin was dried out. This causes my skin in the morning to be very oily. I would give this product a 7/10.
First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser $21
One thing I notice is that this cleanser made my skin break-out small bit, but it didn’t dry out my skin. Around the nose, the skin got tighter. I would give this a produce a 5/10.
Toner Review
The Ordinary: Glycolic Acid 7% Toning solution $8.70
When applying this toner it felt very heavy on my skin. Also, it left my skin tacky, and it didn’t dry down. Though the next morning blemishes on my face went down. I would give this product a 9/10
Glam Glow Supertoner $42
Unlike The Ordinary toner, this toner drys down but still felt a bit heavy on my skin. There is glitter in this toner, so there is a bit of glitter that gets on your face. One thing I notice is that the product had a very strong smell. I didn’t have the right way results like The Ordinary toner. I would give this product an 8/10.
Moisturizer Review
Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer $16.99
The formula was more on the thicker side, would more be for dryer skin. It did feel a bit heavy at first, but as I let it sit it became more lightweight. It did make my skin feel a bit oily. I would give this product a 6.5/10.
Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer $68
One thing that I notice is that it is very hydrating, but doesn’t have that thicker consistency, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. In the morning though my skin did feel a bit oily. I would give this product a 7.5/10

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