Choosing to Decorate Early


Cartoon by Nina Piazza

It seems that there’s two kinds of people in this world: Those who go into Christmas mode before Thanksgiving and those who wait until after.

Personally, I start planning presents and listening to holiday music in early November. My festiveness may be a little extreme, but what’s the harm in getting merry early? I feel as though people only see the negatives in the holiday season, when there’s actually so much to look forward to.

One of the biggest downfalls about the Christmas season to people is the holiday stress. In fact, New York Post says that 31 percent of Americans describe the holiday season as “frantic.” Specifically, 56 percent say they worry over gift shopping, and 54 percent stress over crowds and lines. To avoid the terror from Christmas, I decide to plan out my holiday season better. Throughout the entire year, I keep a page in my notes for specific items that my family members and friends have told me that they want. This eliminates panicked shopping trips in mid December where I’m scoundering the aisles looking for a cheap, random gift set for my friends. Instead, I get to enjoy all of the gifts I am giving and can enjoy wrapping each of them.

Although some who are unmerry find decorating for Christmas in November crazy, I see it as the most logical. According to Better Homes and Gardens, people often associate Christmas decorations with feelings of nostalgia and excitement from childhood. Everyone should make sure their home is decorated early enough where they can completely relax and enjoy the decorations. Instead of going through the trouble of rushing around, cleaning the house, all to enjoy the tree and other decor for just two to three weeks, I choose to decorate early. This way I get a month or more to appreciate my favorite time of the year.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing my family. Life Advancer, a company that focuses on life improvement, even says that children who spend quality time with their loved ones have self-confidence and are more sociable because they feel that their family values them. Spending time with family is the most valuable part of Christmas.

From the gift planning, decorations and time with family, Christmas is the season that has it all. So, it’s important that families get in the spirit early, and enjoy the season.