Kaneland Wrestlers Make History

By: KT Mattern and Hannah Garbacz

For the first time in Kaneland’s history, the boys wrestling team has shaped five state qualifiers that went on to place in each of their various weight classes. Throughout the season each of the athletes have been working towards earning a spot and placing on the state platform.

Not many high school sports require their athletes to have designated weigh ins as a part of their sport, like wrestling. Along with weigh ins, wrestlers must prepare for their competition by eating nutritiously and staying hydrated. Like a lot of other sports, the athletes warm up before their match.

Coach Joe Orosco says his best advice is, “Be aggressive and set the pace of the match.”

Wrestling has bonded each of the players with their coach.

“I’ve known these kids for about 7 years and I feel very close to these guys,” Orosco said.

With this close relationship between coach and players, motivation especially soared this year to achieve high ranks at state.  

Congratulations to seniors Colin Gussman for placing 4th, Austin Kedzie 4th, Hayden Patterson 6th and Riley Vanik 3rd. Also congratulations to sophomore Nathan Orosco for placing 6th.

Hard work and dedication has paid off for these five students and let the four seniors leave KHS on top. They came home with cuts and bruises and heads held high.