Kaneland Krier

2015-2016 Staff

Gabby Cano

Grade: 12 Hobbies: Eating Chipotle, Watching Netflix, Shopping Extra Curricular Activities: Soccer, NHS and  student council

Kaitlyn Becker

Grade: 11 Position: Ad Manager Hobbies: Spending time with family Favorite Story: Terrorism: A new school problem

Skylar Rolle

Grade: 11 Page: Voices Hobbies: Avid Grey's Anatomy watcher and producer of laughter from own jokes Extra Curricular Activities: Band, MUN, key club and student council Goal for the year: Skylar's goal for the year is to make sure every story is the best it can be.

Jason Edwards

Grade: 12 Page: Community News Hobbies: Playing sports, hanging out with friends and spending time with family Extra Curricular Activities: Baseball Goal for the year: Jason's goal for the year is to become a better writer.

Alicia Rocha

Grade: 11 Page: School News Hobbies: Listening to music Extra Curricular Activities: N/A Goal for the year: Alicia hopes to have better attendance this school year.

Sam Nuno

Grade: 11 Page: Editorial Hobbies: Watching Cody Ko on Vine and being an "A lister" on the Kim Kardashian Game Extra Curricular Activities: N/A Goal for the year: Sam hopes to receive an award at NISPA(individually and as a whole publication) and receive straight...

Shannon Gilkey

Grade: 12 Page: Voices Hobbies: Shopping her stress away, blogging, writing and eating Extra Curricular Activities: Student council, fashion club and key club Goal for the year: Shannon's goal is to publish nine newsworthy, interesting and exciting issues for the...

Dylan Mondi

Grade: 10 Page: Activities Hobbies: Sports, gaming and eating Extra Curricular Activities: N/A Goal for the year: Dylan's goal is to help Krier grow and be an award winning publication.

Ava Mandele

Grade: 11 Position: Editor in Chief of Web, Social Media Manager, Photo and Social Page designer Hobbies: Reading and writing Favorite Story: Being Heard in an Opinionated World

Hannah Nauert

Grade: 11 Page: Feature Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family Extra Curricular Activities: Volleyball Goal for the year: Hannah's goal is to have an awesome Krier this year.

Madeline Mohatt

Grade: 12 Page: Table of Contents Hobbies: Eating peanut butter by the spoon, binge watching shows on Netflix, shopping, playing dress up and making punny dubsmashes Extra Curricular Activities: Competitive cheerleading, cross country, key club, fashion club and student...

Erika Leeper

Grade: 10 Page: Opinion Hobbies: Playing guitar, listening to music and eating Papa Johns Pizza Extra Curricular Activities: Soccer Goal for the year: Erika's goal is to make new friends and work hard towards academic success.