Kaneland Krier

2018-2019 Staff

Abril Salinas

Position: Executive Grade:12 Hobby: Reading and painting

Priscilla Purnell

Position: Executive Grade: 11 Hobby: Cheer

Sami Callaghan

Ad and Business Executive. Class of 2020.

Ben Durbala

Editor-in-Chief of Print. Class of 2020.

Bailey Prichard

Sports & Production Executive. Class of 2020.

Richies Tiv

Position: Chief of Print Grade: 12 Hobby: Swimming and playing the guitar

Jacob Booten

Executive of Design. Class of 2021.

Ashley Edwards

Position: Production Manager Grade: 12 Hobby: Running

Casey Schanks

Editor-in-Chief of Web. Class of 2020.

Madeline Hockey

Position: Design Executive Grade: 12  

Ashley Manzo

Position: Editor Page: Centerspread Grade: 12

Gianna Provenzano

Webmaster. Class of 2020.

Dylan Calabrese

Student Advisor. Class of 2020.

Kt Mattern

Position: Executive, Editor in Chief of Web  Page: Trendy Grade:12 Hobby: Reading and writing