Dablr creates chances for teens to earn money


By: Dylan Calabrese, Reporter

 Working, making the website, fixing bugs, dialing the phone and writing emails while staying home on Friday and Saturday nights for weeks instead of going out late with friends is what Jake Obremski and Neil Glazier sacrificed to get their company moving.

Obremski and Glazier were both working part time jobs, Obremski worked at the NCG movie theater, and Glazier previously worked at Wendy’s.  They had agreed that minimum wage was way too low at the time and was just not enough, so they quit. That is not the only reason why they wanted to quit though.

Obremski felt that he was just taking orders and had no say in any of the decisions, and he did not like that.  Glazier just simply wanted to be his own boss and allow himself to be creative while he was at work.

“Both of us did not like working for other people,” Obremski said.

 Dablr helps consumers find work more effectively and cheaper.  Glazier is in control of the website (www.dablrservices.com ) and does all of the modifications for it which makes his title the product COO or the Chief Opperating Officer.  Obremski is the CEO of the company and does all of the legal paperwork as well as setting up meetings with investors and different newspapers.  

“Figuring out how to turn this big idea into a product or business,” Obremski said.

“Turning this concept into a reality,” Glazier added.

 Obremski says the hardest part of running a company is keeping the company going and seeing it grow.  Glazier and Obremski thought that if they wanted Dablr to be big, they had to grow, but in order for them to expand they had to start somewhere.

“Milk the Kaneland community for work,” Obremski said.  

 This is where they started so they have moved into the Naperville, Illinois market.

Going forward in the business Obremski and Glazier want to spread to even more cities and towns.  The business is succeeding but it is the little things that Glazier has done to the website such as making it automatic so it runs itself.  Dablr was made for people who need work done around their house so the job opportunities that they had received  are the basic mowing the lawn and raking leaves.

 “I would like to see more odd jobs,” Obremski said.

 One of the most important parts in a company is money, how to use it, spend it and raise it.   Obremski and Glazier both agreed that they are not just about the money but they are more concerned about how many users they have.  As long as they make enough money so Dablr can support itself they are happy.