Kaneland in the process of adding a new badminton club

By: Ashley Edwards and David Babula

Paraprofessional and badminton lover, Jennifer Lupa, is currently in the process of starting the Kaneland Badminton Club. Lupa herself has been playing this sport since high school and has been a fan of it since.

 It came to her attention when students were asking why Kaneland doesn’t have a badminton club. She knew that other schools had this club and would love to become their sponsor and possibly their coach.

Starting a new club is not as easy as it looks. The club has to have a certain amount of people wanting to be involved in order to give it a go. It also has to be approved by the assistant principal, Carri Oslager, to make it an official club.

“Kaneland is catching up to the other schools in the area, (DeKalb, South Elgin, Batavia, Geneva) since we are the only school without a badminton club,” said Lupa.

 Something that Lupa hopes to get out of starting this club is that everyone should take this sport seriously.  

“This is a sport, it is in the Olympics,” Lupa said.

Sophomore Jacob Petrik, is very energetic and joyful about becoming a new member of The Kaneland Badminton Club.

“It is going to be a great club for our school, and as a badminton player I will strive to put all my effort in each practice,” said Petrik.

As a cross country runner and a track and field runner, Petrik is looking for something fun to do when he is not involved with any sport.

Sophomore Muize Rahman, is also very excited for our school starting a new Badminton Club.

“I liked badminton when I was a little kid and when I found out the school is starting a Badminton club I got very happy,” said Rahman.