Library leak causes ceiling to fall

By Madi Bluml, Reporter

Senior Tyler Howland was working on a project in the library on Oct. 6 when, suddenly, the ceiling began to collapse. Howland said that another student had gone to librarian Lorna Code that the ceiling was wet. Unconcerned, Howland went back to his project.

“Five minutes later, the ceiling fell,” said Howland.

Megan Herra, sophomore, also witnessed the incident.

“It was dripping a little bit, and then it started making a bow, and then it just fell,” Herra said.

It was thought that a pipe had burst in the ceiling, but that wasn’t the case.

“A roof drain came loose and fell through the ceiling tile and got carpet wet and ruined two ceiling tiles, ” Dr. Julie-Ann Fuchs, assistant superintendent for business, said.

It took about four hours to fix the drain pipe. RJ Kuhn Plumbing repaired the drain and the KHS maintenance and custodians repaired the damaged tiles and carpeting, Fred Marsh, maintenance, said.

“My job was to set up for him to make his job more efficient,” Marsh said.

“We added hangers to the roof drain to prevent that drain and other drains from ever falling again, ” Fuchs said.

Hangers will help secure the pipes in the ceiling; they will also help prevent this pipe from affecting any other drain pipes in the school. The pipes are all separate, but they tie into several large ones, said Marsh.

“I’m really glad that there were no students or staff injured as a result of this accident,” said Fuchs.