New Club Teaches Students About Saving Lives


By: Ashley Edwards, Editor

Interested in becoming a nurse, doctor and any other profession involving medicine? A new club at Kaneland has introduced a great opportunity to jump start this career.

At the beginning of every year many club ideas are brought up to the administration and students, this year the med club has sparked interest in 51 individuals and is continuing to grow.   

On the second and fourth Monday of every month the club gets together and learns new information that could be helpful moving on past high school.

“In med club, we will be learning basic first aid skills and having different medical professionals come in and talk to us about their jobs. We will also be going on many field trips to different doctors’ offices,” club founder Emily Valente said.

The first field trip will be to Vital Wellness Center in Elburn to look at holistic medicine and chiropractic care. There will be more as they move along in the club and see what the club members like. There is also a $25 fee to those interested and the next meeting is on Nov. 14.

This club offers hands on learning to students, with no need for any medical background or medical experience to join.

Janelle McCornack is the teacher of Human Body Systems, EMT, and Principle of Biomedical Sciences in the career center and is the sponsor of the club. At the next meeting they will be discussing diabetes awareness.

“Diabetes Awareness and education for National Diabetes Awareness month and to prepare for the following meeting when an endocrinologist will be guest speaking,” McCornack said.

McCornack is excited to see what the future of the club has to offer for students moving on after high school.

“This club can help students learn about the different opportunities that are present in the medical field. This club also helps students with possible jobs that they can pursue right after graduation. For example, working at a medical office. The club also allows students a chance to shadow and observe medical professions. Another benefit for students after high school is the skills that students will have throughout the year in the club such as CPR and basic first aid,” McCornack said.