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The dangers of tanning beds being exposed

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Tanning beds should not be an escape to wanting a tan. We are only given one set of skin, so instead of going online to search for the nearest L.A. Tan, look up the consequences of lying in a tanning bed. Not only will you see why tanning beds are extremely bad for your health, but you will be able to ask yourself one question: what is more worth it, having a fake tan or taking the risk of destroying your skin?

Some people may think that using a tanning bed one time will not affect you in any negative way. Or what about not using sunscreen, getting burnt one time cannot be that bad, my skin will not be affected.

There are ways of getting around putting your skin at risk of getting cancer. It is not hard to wait until summer vacation to lather up in sunscreen and lay under the sun that is less dangerous than the UV rays that tanning beds emit.

According to livestrong.com, tanning beds can be used at the same intensity every day, unlike the sun’s intensity that varies throughout the year. UV rays from tanning beds are more dangerous than natural sun exposure, in fact, tanning beds emit three times more UV rays than the sun.

Ultraviolet rays, known as UV rays, not only increase the chances of damaging your skin but when you expose yourself to them without proper protection, you are asking for trouble.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, just one severe sunburn during childhood, or a total of five sunburns in a lifetime, more than doubles the chances of developing melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is not the only thing tanning bed users should be afraid of. UV radiation does not only affect the skin, it affects your overall health, well-being and immune system; making the body vulnerable to disease.

So before you put your body in harm’s way, ask yourself if you even know what you are truly doing. Taking care of your skin can go a long way if it is done the right way, effectively.

It is time we educate ourselves about the harsh reality of putting our bodies in danger, willingly. There is nothing to gain from getting closer to the day where you might develop cancer that can bring your life to an end because the only person that is capable of bringing you to that point is yourself.

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The dangers of tanning beds being exposed