• September 26(9/30) Student Responsibility Standard 1.1
  • September 26(9/29) Aurora University visit @ KHS - 10 a.m.
  • September 26(9/26) D302 Board of Education Meeting at Kaneland Harter Middle School - 7 p.m.

Kaneland Krier

Rise N Dine is one of the several breakfast options for everyone in the Elburn community. It is located in the downtown portion of Elburn and neighbors other small businesses and restaurants. People of all ages go there to start their day with an enjoyable breakfast and family-friendly atmosphere.

Winter Day in the Life of an Elburn Resident

By: Nick Mitchinson, Co-Editor-In Chief of Print
February 10, 2022
Chicago through reflections

Chicago through reflections

By: Katie Pfotenhauer, Reporter
January 7, 2022
Archers score in groups of four and score on tablets and on paper to make sure scores are accurately recorded. Once three whistles blast, archers can proceed to the targets and score their arrows. Targets are scored from ten to one, the very center being the highest score on the target. Archers must mark the arrow holes every end in case any arrows bounce out so they can be called.

A Weekend at the USA Archery Nationals

By: Emma Schaefer, Design Manager & Production Manager
February 9, 2021
Sergeant Fenili backs up Officer Fred Tichener while he makes a traffic stop. When nearby, officers are required to watch and back up other officers during a stop.

All in a Day’s Ride

By: Joshua Hanold, Reporter
January 24, 2020
Teacher Benjamin Balika and senior Michaela Gibbons, look into the rat’s digestive track where they were able to see the contents of the rats stomach.

What’s Below the Surface?

By: Abril Salinas, Executive
February 25, 2019
Weigand swings his arms up and jumps onto the top of the box. Weigand landed with his knees bent and eyes forward, just how he started. “To get an effective workout, you must jump at least ten times in a set” Carrier said.

How to Get Fit for Summer

By: Brett Wallner, Reporter
March 23, 2018
Lighting designer, Dominick Manzo, cleans up backstage at the Arcada Theatre in preparation for ABBA Mania’s performance the next morning. Manzo worked by himself as he organized cables and equipment to clear space for the incoming act.

Behind the Curtains

By: Ashley Manzo, Reporter
March 16, 2018
With her paint palette full of all different colors, sophomore Hannah McCarren finishes up her beautiful painting as she comfortably listens to music and has a snack.

What to See in Intro to Art

By: Oliva Hazen, Reporter
March 13, 2018
In the AP chemistry class at Kaneland High School, students have been given many different chemicals to try to create a rainbow of solutions. This was a timed project so the class had to race but also use communication.

The Rainbow of Chemistry

By: Sarah Kantola, Reporter
March 12, 2018
After her shower Kasey is dried and brushed out to help get loose fur off her coat.  “ I went to a grooming academy and groomed all through college and discovered that i loved working with dogs more than people and it became a big passion of mine,” said Melanie Gilbert.

Working at the Dog Wash

By: Sarah Baerenklau, Reporter
March 9, 2018
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