Presenting in new spaces

Kaneland provides students with many fine arts opportunities through various programs. Students in these programs commonly leave the school to perform and compete, but construction in the auditorium has caused students that usually stay at Kaneland to also relocate and travel.

The Kaneland musical cast and pit rehearse their show The Wizard of Oz during tech week at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb. Because of ongoing auditorium construction, the program had to find a new space to perform this year, and while relocating created many hurdles to overcome, the group successfully performed on April 7 and 8. (Photo courtesy of Riley Swiderksi)

Kaneland teachers Erin Damisch, Nicole Larsen and Emily VanDelinder-Birchfield and their KHS art students participate in the Interstate 8 Conference Art Show at Morris Community High School on March 11. Multiple schools came together to present a variety of artworks in a public art show. Kaneland placed 4th in the conference as a team, as well as earning four individual ribbons. (Photos by Lillie Bobé)
The Kaneland High School band performs their winter concert at the Northern Illinois University concert hall. Since construction is taking place in the auditorium, the group had to find a new space to perform. (Photo by Ashley Vanderhoff)
Kaneland Winter Percussion performs at their final competition in Dayton, OH. This was the first time the group was able to compete in Dayton, as their previous opportunity in 2020 ended abruptly because of COVID-19. (Photo by Kevin Sigrist)