Dancing into the new season

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Dancing into the new season

By: Alex Malawski, Editor

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Dance is a sport that emphasizes teamwork and creativity, but it also forms a bond between the dancers. This year the team is sponsored by security guard and PASS supervisor Frankie Bruzzino. The team comprises of six students. Two students from each grade, except for the Junior class.

The dance captains are sophomore Mackenzie Beam and senior Jenna Trumble.

The dance team is state-sanctioned as a sport. They are not competing this year because the team was formed late in the season. They will have to follow the IHSA guidelines and the rules also say that teams need to get their songs approved.

According to Bruzzino and dance captain Jenna Trumble, the team will be showcasing their skills at the boys varsity basketball games. It takes the team two weeks to memorize a routine before they perform at another basketball game.

Bruzzino added that dance is a sport that is competitive, whereas poms were not because that aspect never occurred.

Routines are choreographed mostly through Bruzzino, but dancers have their say in it too. Key elements to success are outlined in the group.

“Dance helps them with teamwork and confidence,” Bruzzino said.

Bruzzino says that there’s a difference between dance and poms.

“Poms is more crowd oriented, with no story, where dance is serious but offers storytelling,” Bruzzino said.

Trumble gave her perspective on dance as an art form and all of its qualities.

“Dance, you create stories and you also create emotions through dance,” Trumble said.”

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