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Students want to stand for their rights

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On February 14, 2018, horror struck the nation as news of the 17 innocent lives taken by a shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School spread. A few survivors of this event took to social media to spread their disbelief and anger about what happened to their friends and fellow classmates.

Out of the shooting came the organization of multiple nationwide events such as “March For Our Lives” taking place on March 24, and the National School Walkout, taking place on March 14. Schools across the country, including KHS, are using this moment to honor the victims of the shooting.

The current plan in place for March 14, according to an email sent by Carri Oslager to students, is “at 10 a.m. those who would like to participate will be invited to walk-out of their classroom and into the hallway outside of their classroom.  We will be acknowledging the passing of the 17 individuals with the passing of a symbolic notebook or job related items in each area of Kaneland High School.”

Simply put, by doing this we are not honoring the victims to the best of our abilities.

As called for in the name of the event, we should be walking out of school. By leaving the school for 17 minutes we will be making our voices heard out in the world and standing in solidarity with MSDHS instead of just making a statement within our hallways.

Staying inside limits the number of things we can do for a ceremony to honor the victims. If we were to walk outside, we could ask the FVCC students to lower the flag in front of the school. We could have someone read the 17 names of the victims or we could move 17 desks outside to represent them. Staying inside limits our opportunities to have a creative ceremony to honor and grieve those lost.

Walking out of school to a designated area will keep the student body physically and mentally unified. When we are standing in the hallways we will all be separated by corners or stairways, we will not be able to see everyone participating nor will everyone be focused on the same things at the same time. This loses the original purpose of the walkout which is about students across the nation coming together to honor and demand change.

Schools have had a few weeks to organize their plans for the walkout, but KHS has not fully utilized that time to come up with a way students can walk out of school and still be safe. No matter if you plan to partake in the event led by the Student Advisory Board and administration, or if you still plan to walk out of school, keep in mind what you are walking for and honor the 17 lives lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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Students want to stand for their rights