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Reacting to relaxing

Photo by Corinne Condos

Photo by Corinne Condos

By: Corinne Condos, Reporter

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Freeman Revitalizing Peel-Off Mask with Pomegranate + Peptides

4 stars

Price: $7.99

Locations: Ulta Beauty, Sally Beauty, Walmart

This product was a little messy to put on, it stayed on my fingers and was hard to wash off. When I peeled it off there were little pieces on my face that were annoying to take off. However, the pomegranate fragrance is nice and the cool gel is really refreshing when you put it on. It did leave my skin feeling smoother and refined my pores for around a day or two. Overall I like this product but the messy aspect is what brought it down to 4 stars.

Miss Spa Recover and Refine Oxygenating Bubble Mask

4 stars

Price: $3.99

Locations: Target, Ulta Beauty,

The mask was easy to put on but it was a little big for my face and I had to adjust it a few times, after a few minutes I put the mask on my face it started to bubble and foam and that felt cool on my face and was really relaxing. It didn’t burn or sting but it did leave my skin a little pink. When I took it off I massaged it into my skin like the instructions said and it left my face feeling smooth and refreshed for the rest of the day. This mask was really fun with the bubbles and worked wonders on my face.

Yes To Cucumbers Calming Paper Mask

3 stars

Price: $2.50

Locations: Target, Walmart

This mask was very easy to put on and take off, but burned my skin the whole time it was on my face. The package said there would be a “tingling” but it was a little more extreme. It was hard to keep it on for the whole ten minutes because of the burning, but after I took it off it left my face cool and smooth. It didn’t leave any red or pink on my face from irritation unlike the other product from Yes To that I tried. The rating would have been higher if it wasn’t for the burning which ruined the experience for me.

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask

2 stars

Price: $2.50

Locations Target, Walmart

I personally didn’t like the “powder-to-clay” part of this mask, it was messy adding water to the powder and putting the mask on my face. The spoon that was included to mix and apply the mask was too small and it was difficult to put the mix on my face with it. When the mask was drying, it was a little stingy and itchy. After removing the mask with warm water, it appeared to help my blackheads, but turned my skin pink for around a day. Overall, not a great mask and very deserving of the two stars.

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Reacting to relaxing