Battle of the Movie Theaters


By: KT Mattern and Gabrielle Faletto

Going to see a movie is easily in the top three things to do, especially during the cold winter months. Finding a movie you are interested in seeing is easy, but when it comes to deciding where to see the movie, your preference can depend on anything from food to the comfiness of seat. With so many theaters around the Kaneland area, it almost seems impossible to find the perfect theater for you.


Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18: KT Mattern


While Charlestown cinema may be in a mall from the last century, the theater has evolved from its roots.

A little under a half hour away, the drive is a little more of a stretch than Randall 15 would be, but the seats make the trip well worth the gas. Since the trip out to Charlestown is longer than other theaters, it’s less busy usually, giving audience members an even better chance at getting the perfect seat.

The seats in their theaters used to be standard, movie theater seats that would comfort your back, but leave a kink in your neck if you sat in the wrong position for too long.

Recently, they updated their seats to recliners which gives any movie goer freedom to adjust based on their preference. For anyone with back issues, the update makes the experience all the much better.

While quite a few theaters are updating their seats to recliners, Charlestown has found a way to fit the large seats in theaters that can fit more seats than in other theaters.

The tickets are cheap for the seats, only $6 for any show before 6 p.m. and only $8 for any show after 6 p.m. Along with the cheap base price, it’s only $2 more for any 3D show.

In addition to the cheap tickets for regular days, on Tuesday any show is only $5. If you didn’t already want to go see a movie, the even cheaper price would entice anyone to go out on a school night.

If the cheap tickets weren’t already enough, anyone can sign up for a free reward card. With the reward card, you can earn points for movies you go to see. When you have enough points, you can earn anything from free concessions to free tickets.

While the drive might be a little out of your way, the possibility of getting free movies and free food is almost too good to pass up.


Marcus Elgin Cinema: Gabrielle Faletto


Next time you see a trailer for a must see movie, you may want to rethink going to your typical Randall 15 movie theater after hearing about what Marcus Elgin Cinema has to offer.

The Elgin Cinema, which is located off of Route 20 and Randall Road, is your movie dream destination featuring 15 auditoriums, including the 3D and Ultrascreen, each with DreamLounger recliner seating. Yes, you heard that right, all theaters have reclining seats! With just the touch of a button, you can go from being seated upright to kicking back and relaxing.

Instead of waiting for the movie to come out on RedBox or DVD, just to be able to watch it in the comfort of your own home, you can feel as if you’re sitting on your couch in your comfy pajamas while eating the savory, buttery popcorn that is way better than microwavable.

With the seven feet of legroom between each row, it doesn’t feel as cramped as a normal theater and you won’t have any kids kicking the back of your seat.

Since this theater is so popular, it’s a good idea to buy your tickets and pick the seat you want online beforehand for a more stress-free and convenient experience.  

Speaking of tickets, prices vary between adults, children – ages 3-11, students, those who served in the military and those above 60 years old. For instance, adults general admission is $9 for any showing before 4 p.m. and $11 anytime time after 4 p.m.

However, the prices go up depending on which theater you are seeing the movie in. For the UltraScreen, the tickets are $12.50 for matinee and $14.50 for the evening. The 3D seating is $12 matinee time and $14 evening time.

If you aren’t into those high prices, every Thursday, if you are a student of any age or a faculty member, you can get a free  46 oz popcorn and get tickets for only $6, by showing a valid ID. Also, every Tuesday you can see the best blockbusters for $5 along with great concession specials too.

You can’t go to a movie without having a snack and at Marcus Elgin Cinema there is a huge variety of food that will please any picky eater. From hot dogs and pizza to coffee and ice cream, there is something for everyone. There are even different types of popcorn combos for those who want to share.

Having the comfortable reclining seats that makes you feel as if you are at home and having a variety of food to choose from makes your experience that much more enjoyable. Even if the prices may be a little high for your liking, the Marcus Elgin Cinema is so worth the money spent.

Winner: Marcus Elgin Cinema