December 6: Popular Gifts for Your Younger Siblings


By: Sam Gomes, Reporter

Christmas is known as a time of giving and a time of joy. There are many gifts to buy friends and family, and here’s a brief list of ideas to get you going.

Fingerlings interactive monkey baby is more than a toy, it can be a friend. This item is going for $34.49 on Amazon, but you can get them at your local Target for $14.99 each. Teeter totters and monkey bars are both ad-ons to put your monkey on. The teeter totter is $39.99, but the monkey bars are only $24.99.

Fidget Cubes and Fidget spinners are fantastic little toys to play around with if you’re just lounging around the house. A fidget cube goes for anywhere from $9.95 to $29.99. A fidget spinner that isn’t going to break right away isn’t going to cost you much. It’ll only cost around $9.00. The spinners and cubes come in many different colorways, including a glow in the dark option for the fidget spinner.

Speakout is a crazy, yet incredibly fun game that consists of a little bit of drooling. In this game you put a mouthpiece in and try to read a sentence off of a card. The rest of the players try to guess what you are saying. This game is played with four to five players. The mouthpiece restricts your mouth from closing, which causes some very funny sentences. This game costs $19.99 on Hasbro’s website and can be found at select Targets for a similar price.

Funko POP Movie Characters are becoming very popular. These little action figures represent movie characters from a variety of series’. Harry Potter characters are very popular along with many different superheroes. Each one of these little action figures cost you $9.78 on Amazon right now, as they are on sale for the holiday season.

Furby has been a popular toy for a few years now, but they just released a new Furbaca Furby representing the popular Star Wars character Chewbacca. This toy interacts with children by speaking a funny creative language known as Furbish, but they also speak English.  The eyes of the Furby are lit up, but they won’t be as bright of the child’s eye when they see they got a Furby for Christmas. This Furby costs $48.00 on Amazon, because it too is on sale for the holiday season.

Wonder Woman lego set is a great gift for kids. It contains Wonder Woman holding her shield and sword, a fighter plane with his pilot Steve Trevor and the villain Ares. In order to play with Ares you first have to build him. This lego set costs $23.99 on and on Amazon it is going for a little more at $3.45