Nepal en la Frente: Letting go


Photo by Abril Salinas

Today I sat outside and painted. In my backyard between two trees the sun blended the colors together. In the grass, matted down from footsteps and snow, I layed down and counted the clouds. Heard the birds mixed in with the breeze and took a breath. Made friends with the trees. Allowed myself this moment of calm. Closed my eyes and listened to the sounds around me realizing how fleeting every moment is.

Today I let go of my impatience. I sought out a little silence in my day. I looked up and smiled. Asked myself if my mind was in the past, present or future. I took my time and didn’t rush my progress. Today I was okay with my mistakes. Made peace with my anxiety.

I tend to notice when anger and sadness arise, but today I acknowledged when they passed. I looked in me. Noticed when I would breathe. I remembered the sky was blue. The grass is green and the entire world is not coming down. I am often so lost in my head. So desperate to fix myself, that I forget life is passing me by. Today I let go of all of that and just was. It is often too easy to get blasé about being alive, caught up in thought. But today I was more aware of the fragile, precious nature of life.