“IT” May Leave you Scared

Photo by Warner Bros.

Pennywise the dancing clown preys on youth every 27 years. It’s no coincidence that the mini series based on this horrifying being gets a motion picture 27 years following that mini series. As Dash’s teacher in The Incredibles said: “Coincidence, I THINK NOT!” IT is a horror induced film and it is perhaps one of the decade’s best.

Now, step right up to witness the amazing and psychotic portrayal of the title character. Played by Bill Skarsgard, son, and brother of actors Stellan and Alexander Skarsgard. Bill does an absolutely terrifying performance and it’s without a doubt one of the more memorable villain roles.

Not only does Skarsgard shine, but the stars of the “Losers Club” are also among the highlights of the film. Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard illuminates as the comedic relief, while the other members are the emotional efforts of the film.

Andy Muschietti, director of the film, gets genuine and flat-out scary moments in this stomach churning horror masterpiece.

On top of his stellar efforts making this film as scary as possible, the score, make-up, costumes and special effects are stunning to the core. Hair raising and spin tingling.

“You’ll float too!” This film is an absolute rush from start to finish. Even if you have to hold on to something for two hours. I have no doubt this adaptation of the “master of horrors” novel will become an example for future horror movies to come.