Marvel Introduces Captain Marvel

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To the excitement of fans the newest superhero, Captain Marvel, has arrived.

Captain Marvel has a superstar cast with many widely known Hollywood stars, including Brie Larson, who plays Carol Danvers, the main protagonist; Samuel L. Jackson, who plays a young Nick Fury; and Jude Law, who plays Yon-Rogg, the main antagonist.

The movie centers around Carol, who was in a plane crash and was given powers. After receiving special abilities, like being able to turn her hands into fire and being able to fly from the Kree – a group of people who supposedly want to save the Earth from the antagonists – Carol finds herself stuck in the middle of an intergalactic battle against her people. The Kree Community and the Skrulls are at the heart of the fight when the Skrulls fight to take back what the Kree people stole from them, their land. As this is a superhero origin story that feeds into the next big superhero movie, Avengers: Endgame, many were fighting for a seat to the newest addition to the Marvel franchise.

The theater was close to full and finding a seat was challenging. Sitting front row during a movie like this can be a little too much for your eyes with all the flashing lights and loud noises. To avoid having to deal with these issues, I’d suggest getting to the movie early. There is a lot of action and bright lights but in a way, the plot was very slow moving and seemed too long.

With a lot of unnecessary scenes that became repetitive, the movie seemed almost too long even though it was two hours and 10 minutes.

The movie was directed with many animations and a well-developed storyline and had many good action scenes. But overall, it was not a movie I would recommend for people who get bored seeing the same kind of action and fighting scenes over and over again.

As someone who is not fully interested in superhero movies, I did not particularly enjoy this one, but those more invested in superhero movies may enjoy it.