Mood Music: October 17

Music is powerful. It can change your state of mind, allow you to express your emotions, and can completely change the mood of a room. No matter the occasion, it is important to find the music that suits you. This weeks tunes bring fun to the focus that accompanies this stressful time of the year. Working on projects or cleaning your room can be boring without music. Sometimes we need just a little background music that will help us focus and get things done. This playlist has 10 songs that are perfect for playing softly in the background while still giving you something fun to listen to!

  1. Bags by Clairo
  2. Build Me up Buttercup by Lara Anderson
  3. Daydream by Medasin, Joba
  4. Dreamer by Isbells
  5. Geology by Barrie
  6. Needs by Verzache
  7. Pretty Girl by Clairo
  8. Rebels by Ivy Adara
  9. This is Home by Cavetown
  10. We Fell In Love In October by Brett Dennen