Pitch (Un)Perfect 3


In 2012, audiences first saw the talents of the “Barden Bellas.” Five years later, the beloved singing-with-your-mouth, no instruments, trilogy ends here. It’s obvious that the ladies in the film are vocally gifted, but they failed miserably to be funny. Thankfully this franchise is over because this final film is aca-awful.

The first two films were not remotely as bad as the final film. They had a nice blend of comedy and singing. This one suffers heavily with unfunny jokes, as they tried too hard to get the audience to laugh.  There’s a lot to pack into this film with its 95 minute runtime; I was dreading this film within 20 minutes. It’s that bad.

The leading ladies of the film are gifted but, they’re not worthy of praise. Some of the benefits they brought to this franchise and ending were the comedic efforts in the prior installments. This film, only succeeded in glitz and glamour; colorful costumes and shiny settings are the films only positive qualities.

Leading this series into chaos, is director Trish Sie. Sie crafts a promising film, but it ultimately fails to deliver, unlike its predecessors.

Can I just say actor John Lithgow’s performance in this movie is awful and very boring. His character is unnecessary and just a waste of screen time, honestly.  They end up making him the villain of the film, which was just weird. They start this film on a big boat and uses that same opening sequence towards the end of the film. It doesn’t make the film any better.  As if Lithgow’s performance was awful enough, his character dons an australian accent. That is where I dreaded even watching this, it was so bad.

Throughout this series, the “Bellas” have given audiences great acapella covers to songs in amazing style, but it all should have ended after the first film. This film’s title should have also been renamed: Pitch (Un)perfect 3 too many.

Rate: F