Thor is Mighty Powerful in Thor: Ragnarok


Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

By: Alex Malawski, Editor

Since the Thor franchise kicked off in 2011, its films have been a huge let down for fans of the “God of Thunder” and Marvel films in general. Audiences now have a third film to see Chris Hemsworth in action as the eponymous character the film is based on. I was never a huge fan of this film franchise, but I’m glad that the series has redeemed itself with this installment.

Throughout the series, the films have been more serious and overly dramatic while offering little comedic efforts. This film manages to pull off all elements in spectacular fashion. Not only did the action draw me into this film, but it’s improvised humor and dialogue was absolutely astonishing. I was laughing during the entire film. It’s that hilarious.

Director Taika Waititi does an awesome job crafting the film while showcasing all its genuine glory.  You can see it play out on screen. The comedic elements in this film made it not only more memorable than other Marvel films,  but this film is the funniest of all prior Marvel films up to this point.

Not only does the film succeed on hilarity, but its action creates memorable parts to the film as well. The action is everywhere and colorful; it’s a job well done. This film’s cast brings action and comedy to new heights. I won’t give anything away, but Hulk stands out as the major comedic relief here. And it’s utterly fantastic.

An 80’s video game, Esq Score by Mark Mothersbaugh, is also an important part of the success of the film. It electrifies every scene that shines on screen. This score is a wonderful combination of the scenes in the film, hilarious or not. This film also features a popular Led Zeppelin song that acts in place of the score for some action sequences. 

Bravo Marvel! The studio and the film’s director made a film that has everything a fan of superhero movies could ever want. It’s so satisfying because of everything this film has. Making it my favorite film unearthed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rate: A+