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In Cold Blood was published in 1965 and follows the murders within a family. The four members of the family lived within a small farming community in Holcomb, Kansas.

In Cold Blood: A Harrowing Account of Unspeakable Undertakings

By: Travis Johnson, Reporter May 19, 2021

     A small town in western Kansas. A happy and content family that had done no wrong to anyone in particular. A countryside home, far out of the way of any potential wrongdoers. This was the last...

Balancing Sleep in Teens

Balancing Sleep in Teens

By: Madison Kleivo, Reporter April 28, 2021

Teenagers are used to being on the go constantly. From trying to balance sports, friends and schoolwork, students have left out one of the most important tasks of their day. They struggle to balance their...

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April 12 Board Meeting

By: Sophie Opp and Anna Olp April 13, 2021

The April 12 Kaneland District 302 board meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendance was then taken, and all members besides Aaron Lawler and Vice President Ryan Kerry were present.  Shortly...

Krier On Air

Krier On Air

By: Jenna Lin, Editor-in-Chief of Print February 9, 2021

Senior Alexis Bradshaw throws shot put at a track meet in Geneseo, IL. Her 2020 throwing season was cut short because of early COVID-19 restrictions, but it is set to resume in April of 2021.

The Effects of COVID-19 Restrictions on Students

By: Sophia Mullins, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Web & Copy Editor February 9, 2021

It has been over a year since the first positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United States. Since then, a series of events have snowballed to the point where social distancing and mask wearing...

Archers score in groups of four and score on tablets and on paper to make sure scores are accurately recorded. Once three whistles blast, archers can proceed to the targets and score their arrows. Targets are scored from ten to one, the very center being the highest score on the target. Archers must mark the arrow holes every end in case any arrows bounce out so they can be called.

A Weekend at the USA Archery Nationals

By: Emma Schaefer, Design Manager & Production Manager February 9, 2021

A popular Valentines Day tradition has always been to celebrate with chocolate. This year, indulge with some holiday-themed chocolate-covered pretzels.

Enjoy a Sweet Valentine’s Day Treat

By: Mia Bergman, Editor February 5, 2021

As Valentine's Day approaches, get festive with an easy treat that is sure to make your loved ones swoon. These chocolate-covered, Valentine-inspired pretzels are ready in minutes and require little clean...

Reddit is home to many different groups of people on the internet. These groups of people can be very influential because of their large numbers and strong opinions.

The Power of Reddit

By: Anna Olp, Editor February 3, 2021

The internet, as many people know, is a hub of information, opinions and powerful numbers of people. A culmination of these combined aspects of the internet can all be found on one website, Reddit.  Reddit...

Kaneland High School Principal Jill Maras introduces new staff members to the board of education. This year has been full of new experiences, and with that comes new teachers.

January 25 Board Meeting

By: Sophie Opp and Casey Walters January 27, 2021

All members of the board were present for their meeting on Jan. 25, 2021, via Zoom. The meeting primarily focused on updates regarding the pandemic and providing a recap of the school year thus far. As...

Batavias Randall 15 Theater, located on Randall Road. Their shutdown comes after the company filed for bankruptcy just before the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2020.

The Fate of Batavia’s Randall 15 Theater

By: Madison Kleivo, Reporter January 15, 2021

       The movie theater experience has always been a very special part of society. As early as the 1900s, families and friends have gathered together to experience the thrill of viewing their most...

A collection of films from all genres continues to grow. As new films are released, many forget the classics that defined cinema.

Six Films Every Person Should See in Their Lifetime

By: Sarah Janito, Editor January 4, 2021

   Movie buff or not, almost every person has their own list of favorites, including professional critics and sites such as iMDB and the American Film Institute (AFI.) Most lists have shared films,...

Board members discussed areas of improvement for the high school. These decisions regarding where to allocate the districts money and what fixes are most important are not taken lightly by the board or administration.

November 30 Board Meeting

By: Anna Olp and Sophie Opp December 1, 2020

On Mon., Nov. 30, all of the Kaneland Board members were present for the board meeting via Zoom. The night began with a moment of silence held for former Kaneland High School Treasurer Christine Steenwyk,...

Students log on to Canvas, respond to emails and attend Zoom calls to stay connected on their remote days. This year has been challenging, but Kaneland administrators and teachers are working hard to extend learning opportunities to students.

October 14 Board Meeting

By: Anna Olp and Sophie Opp October 16, 2020

On Wed., Oct. 14, Kaneland School District 302 held their fourth board meeting since the start of the school year. All members of the Board of Education were present to discuss varying topics regarding...

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