Embrace the opportunities to change yourself and the world around you

When you think of school, you may think about the negatives before the positives. I will admit, I used to do the same thing for a while. However, you have to think about how not everything will always be great, but it will not be terrible either. It is crucial to know that you can decide how you perceive things.

This school year, I have taken it upon myself to think of the positives. When I think of Kaneland now, I reconcile with the worthwhile parts. I think of the memories I have made with friends and teachers, the turkey people have obsessed over and the many opportunities from classes, the Fox Valley Career Center and clubs. 

By changing my mindset, I began to think more positively about school. I would not say I necessarily had a negative mindset, but I would let a negative part of my day affect me for the rest of the school day or week. I would let one poor grade dictate my mood for the rest of the class, and it was something that was not beneficial in the long run. Would I still be upset about bombing a test? Definitely, but I would not let that minor inconvenience ruin the rest of my day.  

Similarly, wanting change in school is not a bad thing either because it will have to happen at some point. 

By changing something in schools, it is helping students learn how to adapt and recognize that their voices matter. Also, change keeps up with the standards of the time. And, if you think that schools cannot change, think again. There is a reason we have Chromebooks and do not have to lug around textbooks all day.

Change has the capability to be good, and it is even beneficial to talk about your concerns. Some teachers even highly encouraged students to voice their opinions and views when appropriate in school. But you cannot change parts of Kaneland without changing yourself first. 

For example, it does not make sense to complain about the Kaneland’s bathrooms and how people had limited access to them at one point if you were one of the people participating in the “Devious Lick” TikTok trend. Also, do not complain about a teacher making you do school work outside of school if you were sitting on your phone for the whole class. 

Change in schools will happen eventually, so be the one who takes action and not the one who is delaying the process.