Using technology is essential for students

     When talking to people from older generations about technology, sometimes all they can seem to say is how bad it is for the youth. Some older people think that technology is rotting our brains and that young people do not know how to live without it. While it is true that technology is not always a positive thing because of cyberbullying and unrealistic expectations on social media, it can provide many benefits to people, especially students.

     Technology is an integral part of society, and some have a hard time accepting that.

     Older people often talk about how they used dictionaries and textbooks to learn rather than computers or phones like today’s students. The point of making advancements in anything is that it should look different than it was many years ago. Many technological improvements have been made in the educational world, which is a good thing for teachers and students. 

     According to Insider Intelligence, “Gen Z is the first generation to have 24/7 access to the internet, connected devices and social media since birth. As a result, they see the physical and digital worlds as a seamless continuum of experiences that blend offline and online information for entertainment, commerce and communication.” 

     We have been exposed to technology all our lives, so why would it not be beneficial in schools?

     People are quick to judge and say that devices are a distraction for students, making cheating easier and leading to social interaction issues. However, they often forget it can help all types of learners. Not all students learn by sitting quietly and listening to a teacher talk. Some need to watch videos, play educational games or look at different online diagrams to get the information to sink into their brain. 

     Without technology, students would not have been able to learn much during the COVID pandemic. Textbooks are also not always up-to-date. While some historical topics will never change, many schools do not buy new books unless they have to. However, with technology, you can find everything about a topic plus any information discovered after a textbook was written. 

     While it is understandable that some people believe technology is bad for the educational world because they did not grow up with it, it is now a helpful resource. Technology may not have been as prevalent in the past in the education system, but it is something of the present and will most definitely be a part of the future.