Words of encouragement are beneficial to students

     The end of the year is coming fast. Deadlines are getting harsher as finals are around the corner, and it is easy to let stress consume us as we start panicking about the end of the school year. Students need to do something to motivate themselves to finish the year strong, and one of the many effective ways is words of encouragement. 

     Some people may believe that words of encouragement are silly because they see it as a weakness to have extra support, but that is not true. By having others support you, they validate your self-worth that you may not be able to see all the time. 

     Also, sometimes thinking encouraging thoughts is not enough. Even repeating it under your breath or having someone else tell you can make what a person is trying to achieve more doable.

     Similarly, avoiding words of encouragement and saying,  “I think I am going to fail,” or “I wish I had never taken this class,” can make someone feel less about themselves because they do not even believe that they can do it. 

     Nobody should ever doubt themselves, and trust me, it can be easy sometimes, but there are some tools to help students through stressful situations with words of encouragement. Some helpful ways to get words of encouragement are posters, calendars, apps, friends and even hotlines. 

     According to CBS News, “West Side Elementary School is offering all the inspiration you’ll ever need. With help from two art teachers, its students have created a free telephone hotline where callers get unscripted, motivational messages.”

     By calling the number 707-873-7862, a person will hear elementary students’ words of encouragement to help them through just about anything.  

     When I first called the number, I was with my friends because we thought the little kids’ voices were adorable and funny. Later that week, I was sitting down at my desk and was having a hard time completing an assignment for Spanish, so I went back to my recent calls and clicked on the number. Somehow, at that moment, I realized if a kindergartner is telling me I can do it, then I probably can. 

     While something so simple is often overlooked, words of encouragement are a way for everyone to feel appreciated and motivated to do the next task. It costs nothing to say something positive, and it can make a person’s day.  

     So, the next time you are worried about school or even life, remember, you got this!