You cannot always blame your teacher

     When failing a class or receiving a bad grade on a test, it can be easy to blame it all on a teacher. Some blame their teachers because it is the easiest way to get out of trouble with their parents, and others may do it simply because they believe it to be true. 

     In high school, it is a teacher’s job to teach the material effectively, and it is a student’s job to do the work that goes along with that material. For example, many teachers will give homework to students or ask a student to finish an assignment that they did not complete in the classroom at home. While that is probably not how anyone would like to spend their evening, it does help you learn and get a better understanding of what the teacher is teaching. 

     If you do not work on the assigned work outside of class, you will fall behind the students who did the homework. Even if the teacher goes over the assignment the next day or you get it from a friend, it is not the same as actually doing the work yourself. By doing that, you are not thinking about the assignment at all and probably just worrying about if you will have enough time to copy down the answers before the teacher can notice. 

     I am not saying every homework assignment needs to be completed to pass a class. Chances are there will be late nights when you do not have time or forget, and that is okay as long as you do not make it a habit. 

     I understand that you may not think every teacher is great because sometimes that may be the case. However, just because you believe you have a bad teacher does not mean you should give up on the class altogether. There are resources in the school and online to help you understand what you are learning. MTSS is a resource in the school that you can go to for help. Similarly, Khan Academy will help you understand math if you are struggling, and Duolingo is a great resource when learning a new language. 

     Also, it is always beneficial to ask your teacher for help if you need it. I used to dislike asking a teacher for help and asking questions because I thought they would think less of me, but that is not true. If you need guidance, ask. That is one of the reasons why they are there.  

     So, before blaming your teacher for a bad grade, ask yourself, “Did I do the homework?” and “Did I ask questions when I was feeling lost?” While it is easy to blame your teacher, it is not always deserved. By holding yourself accountable and asking for help, you may notice an improvement in your grades.