Back to school bargains that won’t bust your bank account


Photo by Ava Mandele

Great deals on back to school supplies can be found at stores near all.

By: Ava Mandele, Editor

For many high school students August and September not only means the start of the new school year, but also time to shop for new school supplies. From number two pencils to three ring binders, students find themselves swamped with an endless list of supplies, without an endless amount of spending money.  But, school shopping doesn’t have to bust your bank anymore.

Target: Target has come out with a program called: School List Assist the “fastest way to get school shopping done”, that will be sure to change the way school shopping is done. Everyone hates having to run to different places to find what they are looking for, so Target’s new program allows people to shop online and pick all the supplies they want and then get them delivered to ones home or nearest Target. Check out the link below to find the deals that pertain to what you are looking for:

Walmart: If you’re stuck on what to buy for school, Walmart’s got you covered. Starting this year Walmart has made a list of supplies for elementary school, middle school, high school, college and even teacher supplies that will help students and teachers find the necessary school supplies so you’re ready for school. Then within your section, students can find  discounts on the the supplies. Go to the link below to get your supplies from Walmart:

Amazon: Whenever students think about back to school shopping, no one really thinks to go to Amazon. However, we shop for everything else online and shopping online for school supplies might become the new trend for getting the most for your money. In Amazon’s back to school section, you can find discounts on a variety of school products from highlighters to folders. Through September, Amazon will have exclusive deals on different back to school products. Check out the link below to find the deals above:

Staples: Office supply store, Staples, is stepping up their “back to school deal game” majorly this year. For a limited for Staples will match the price of school supplies to their competitors (with in store proof) and then offer an additional 10% off. Go to the link below to get in on these great deals: