Never Forgotten Childhood Treats


Cosmic Brownie

This sweet treat is both addicting as it is sentimental. With a thick texture, the flavor melts in your mouth as you chew through the sweetness. Along with the smooth frosting, cosmic brownies also have multiple colorful sprinkles, adding a crunch to the chew. Whether you’re young or old, the solid sweetness can satisfy anyone.


Unlike most treats, Icees come in lots of different flavors, the most popular being cherry and blue raspberry. Along with these two, they come in other fruity and soft drink flavors. Acting as both a drink and a snack, Icees can be consumed in multiple ways with either a straw or a spoon attached to the bottom. Along with the edibility of Icees, they can remind you of places you might’ve gone when you were younger like the zoo or the movie theater. By sipping Icees you can bring back great childhood memories.

Fruit Rollups

Elementary was probably about the best time in a lot of high schoolers lives. One reason for this could’ve been the fruit roll ups they brought to lunch everyday. With lots of different brands around this kind of product, kids could trade with each other. They could also show off the tongue tattoos that could be applied directly from the snack. With the taste and tricks kids could do with this snack, it’s sure to be still eaten to this day.


As a salty snack, many high schoolers still eat this food in their lunches today. Coming in small, fish shaped crackers, the snack excites the tastebuds on sight. With the salty flavor and the small crunch of the snack, Goldfish still incite high schoolers to eat them in daily life. Over the years, Goldfish have also come in a variety of flavors, sure to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.


Another fruity snack that high schoolers still crave are Gushers. Formed in hexagonal shapes, they already stick out in people’s minds. They also seem like a normal fruit snack, until you bite into the surprise juice that explodes in your mouth. Just the thought of them bring back memories for high schoolers. From gossiping at lunch in elementary school to hanging out with friends, the snacks are easily eatable for any occasion. They’re also a little harder to find, but when you do get them it makes it all that more special of a taste.

Dippin’ Dots

While this treat might not have been a lunchtime snack, many can agree that they still eat this ice cream based product. By being formed in small dots, the ice cream tastes all that more special than a normal scoop. Coming in lots of flavors, the treat can satisfy anyone of any age. By being a dessert item, the treat is usually eaten at fun outings like water parks or baseball games. Eating this dessert not only tastes great, but brings great memories back.

Cheez Its

Starting with a simple cheese flavor, the company has grown since our childhood, expanding their flavors and tightening their grip on our age group’s consumers. As a salty snack, Cheez Its are a perfect addition in lunches along with after school snacks. With more flavors than ever, high schoolers are still attached to the snacks, widening their span of cheese flavors to consume.

Hawaiian Punch

Just with the sight of the logo, mouths water thinking about the fruity red drink. In a hot red color, the drink pops out and demands attention that excite kids. Not a popular drink in stores, Hawaiian punch is a little harder to find, making the drink all that much better. With the memories of your tongue turning a bright red and the sugar high you felt afterwards, Hawaiian punch is one of the best kid products.


An infamous lunch item is the gogurt sticks. Popular enough that the lunch ladies had to carry scissors to help open them, gogurts were a class favorite and are still eaten today. Gogurt is able to make eating yogurt fun by having people suck through a straw, hoping to get every last bit out. While it was a lot harder to get them open back then, the company has made it a lot easier with rip off tops that many more can enjoy now, including high schoolers.


Another popular lunch food is Jello. With their numerous flavors, jello is able to satisfy anyone. Along with being able to buy in easy to store packages that could fit in lunch boxes, parents could follow the easy recipe to make any kind they want. Now that this generation is older, we can make it ourselves however we want. While people either love or hate the snack, many can agree that it’s an easy to store and eat snack for any occasion.