How to: Preparing for college

By: Maddy McDermot, Editor

With leaving for college means beginning to pack up the things to bring for a successful first year. Packing can be stressful for anyone, especially when moving out of the house and into a dorm.

Forgetting things for college is going to happen. Usually that’s not something people can avoid.

Freshman in college, Julia Angelotti, does not live on a college campus but instead commutes to her school every day. She often has moments where she gets to school and realizes that she had forgotten something.

“It’s mostly the little things I forget to bring. I remember my first day of Econ I went to turn on my calculator and realized the batteries were dead,” Angelotti said.

Making different lists for different categories can help keep one organized and also help to not forget anything. Separate lists can include food, clothes, appliances, and toiletries. Thinking off the top of one’s head can start the list, but something will be forgotten. Looking lists up online can help with creating a list, or asking a friend what they are bringing can add to the started list.

When packing for college, bringing space savers is an essential everyone will find themselves needing. Shoe racks, under the bed cubbies, and clothes bins can help maximize space in someone’s dorm.

Saving space in college dorms is a must, having a roommate is something everyone has to deal with. Being able to have enough space for both people in the dorm can make both individuals happy.

Being prepared for college and bringing everything you need will make for a successful and happy year.