Indoor Marching Concert Honors Band Students


Photo by Vanessa Pitts

By: Elizabeth Elliott, Reporter

The crowds quickly rose to their seats as the band finished performing at their indoor marching concert. The process to having had such a good season is practice and more practice.

    “During the summer we have two weeks of practice and students went to camps. Some of the camps they went to were leadership camps and marching camps. Typically we practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15 till 8:30 p.m. and then during the month of September we have one hour sectionals” band director Aaron Puckett said.

    While they compete however they are not under the direction of Puckett they are under the direction of drum major Alex Spence.  Usually the band has three drum majors this year Spence was the only drum major.

    “We have a process we go through. Students take written test, series of other acts, such as conducting and marching related activities. The tests are part teacher evaluated and part peer evaluated.  This year we felt like it made most sense to only have one drum major” Puckett said.  

    The reason they have an indoor concert is because it’s also an award ceremony and it has been a tradition for many years.

    Alongside the band is the color guard team. They practice for the same two weeks as the band in the summer and tuesdays and thursdays with an hour sectional on wednesday senior color guard captain Autumn Georgi said.

    “ I actually decided to be on color guard on a whim, my friend was in it and I picked up a flag and just started learning. I never viewed myself as a band kid, but the second I joined I knew I belonged. The rewards for joining band are so plentiful, I’ve learned so much discipline and focus from being in it and I know that without it I wouldn’t be who I am today” Georgi said.