Joey Serrano: Cartoonist


Joey Serrano is hard at work, working on a drawing of “Cow and Chicken.”

By: Brian Motta, Reporter


If you are fortunate enough, you might realize what you want to do with your life at a young age.

Junior, Joey Serrano, has been an artist since he could remember.

“When I started watching cartoons as a kid is when I realized I wanted to start drawing,” Serrano added.

Joey was one of the people who realized what they were passionate about early in life. “It just came naturally, I taught myself.”

Joey has a very special set of skills when it comes to drawing. His drawings are always very realistic and precise. Joey says he was always inspired to draw when “watching batman back in the day.” Joey’s face lit up when talking about drawing. His hours of hard work that he puts into his drawings show how passionate he really is about it.

“Cow and Chicken,” a cartoon show from the late 1990’s, is what Joey says peaks his interest while drawing. Although most of Joey’s drawings are of super heroes, Joey says he really enjoys drawing “Cow and Chicken.”

There are many particular requirements needed to be a good artist. A steady hand, concentration, and a quiet room is what Joey says he has learned over the years while drawing.

Concentration and dedication is important while drawing.  According to Joey, his work usually tends to take 3+ hours, depending on the drawing.

“I start with a rough sketch of what I want to draw. From there, I erase the messy lines and make more solid lines so the drawing looks more complete. Then I do shading and shadowing to finish up my drawing.”

“For most things Joey caught on very fast, for other things, like everyone else, it took a lot of practice,” says Joey’s current art teacher, Emily VanDelinder-Birchfield. “One of Joey’s best drawings is of a portrait of the Joker (Batman’s nemesis), it is really good.”

According to VanDelinder-Birchfield,  Joey has what it takes to make this hobby into a career one day.

“If he pushes himself Joey can do whatever he sets his mind too,” states VanDelinder-Birchfield. “More practice is all Joey needs to become a better artist.”

Joey’s words tumbled out of his mouth as he told me his hopes and dreams for his future. “I hope to attend The Art Institute of Chicago one day to pursue what I really love to do, draw.”