Kenneth Dentino pied in the face for charity


By: Gabrielle Faletto , Reporter

Throughout the month of February, Key Club arranged their 2nd annual ‘pie a teacher in the face’ fundraiser. The chosen teachers were John Mansour, Kenneth Dentino, Matthew Smith, Rachel Giles and Rebecca Prebble. After getting their approval, it was full speed ahead.

In the cafeteria, students could donate money into change bins to one of the five nominated teachers they want to see get pied in the face at the winter assembly.

After the last lunch hour on Friday, February 17, whoever’s change bin raised the most money was the lucky winner. By donating money, you are automatically entered into a raffle, which decides who gets to be the person to pie the teacher. Overall, Key Club raised $162 which will go towards Julia Pratt, who is battling cancer.

With great anticipation, Dentino’s change bin had the highest amount by the end of the week. Sophomore Conner Schrepferman won the raffle and had the honor of throwing the pie in Dentino’s face.

“Close your eyes and don’t wear nice clothes,” last year’s pie in the face winner, Scott Parillo said.

Dentino took Parillo’s advice by wearing sunglasses and his Chicago Cubs world series championship t-shirt. With whip cream covering his entire face, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the “W towel”, which made the crowd go wild.

“Because I’m just that kind of guy,” Dentino said when asked why he agreed to get pied in the face.