Spring Break 2018 Travels to Costa Rica

Over the past few years students have had the opportunity to travel the world during spring break, every year a different location is chosen. Past years they’ve gone to Europe, Paris, and Ecuador. This year you can explore Costa Rica.

Spring Break of’ 20 science teacher, Patrick Carter, and 45 students, will be traveling to Costa Rica to get a touch of the tropics. EF (Education First) Educational Tours, the company hosting the trip, describes the trip as one you learn about in school, but you get to experience it as much more than that.

“In Costa Rica we will be doing lots of cool activities. Also getting a touch of the local culture, and learning about some science in the rainforests,” Carter said.

On the trip, students will have the opportunity to go white water rafting, experience a rainforest, zipline through the cloud forest, go on several hikes and visit some of the local farms, including a coffee bean plantation.

This is a great opportunity to add a stamp to your passport, or start your passport stamp collection. Educational travel brings what you learn in the classroom to life. Even better you can learn with your friends!

“This is a great learning experience and I love seeing the students get excited about travel and wanting to go on more trips,” Carter said.

Several more trips are planned to take place in oncoming years.

“These trips are absolutely a great experience to see the world. It gives them the taste of traveling, and is nice for students to see what we learn in class come to life,” Spanish teacher and chaperone for past trips, Michelle Jurcenko said.