Starting the New Year off Right


Cartoon by Kt Mattern

Saying you are going to achieve something, and actually following through are two totally different things. New Year’s resolutions are a good idea to have and can help achieve something to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Many people come up with a resolution, whether it is long or short term, but never follow through with it. Instead it should be something you are passionate and dedicating about to try and make it happen.

“I think a New Year’s resolution is less about making one big gesture of something that might not be possible instead of something more realistic that is long lasting. In other words, it shouldn’t be that I do one thing and I’m done, it should be I want to make an improvement in my life that can be sustainable for the foreseeable future,” English teacher Michael Cimino said.

Everyone’s outlooks on resolutions are different, because not everyone has the same goals. The reason people come up with resolutions is because something happens to them that they did not like or want to fix and so they use the new year as a way to start over.

“To me it is something you want to change, something that has happened in the past that you want to do better on,” senior Arianna Perez said.

New Year’s resolutions do not have to be this big gesture but instead something small like making varsity in a sport or making sure you make your bed every morning. A resolution should be something you can fulfill and be proud of.

“A goal you set for yourself and try to maintain as long as possible or hopefully throughout the year if successful,” English teacher Mallory Sunday said.

Working towards a goal and following through with it can be very rewarding so think of something that you want to change and start the new year on a high note.