The perfect college

By: Katrina Paulick, Editor

Finding one’s perfect fit for a college is often times challenging. While some strike gold on their very first few visits, others have an extensive journey in attempt to find success. Every school suits different kinds of students; therefore, finding a school that one can be comfortable and successful at is the most important accommodations when finding your fit.

According to The College Board, there are three credentials to focus on when finding the perfect fit for college.

First, decide what you want in an ideal school for you. Ask yourself: What’s important to you? Where you want to be? And who you want to become?

“Soccer was the most important thing to me when I was searching for a college to attend,” senior, Delaney Stryczek.

Then figure out what college type will allow you to reach these personal goals.

While searching for a college can be very intimidating, stay focused and consider the most important aspects.

Because it seems to be slowly creeping closer and closer, deciding a career path for the rest of your life is increasing teenagers’ stress levels. If you are unsure of the field you would like to be in, be sure to take in consideration when choosing a school for you.

Second, keep an open mind. 80 percent of college-bound students have yet to choose a major, according to MSNBC contributor, Gayle B. Ronan.

College is one of the biggest decisions anyone makes in their lifetime; therefore, if you are unsure you are not alone.  Pick a school that will be flexible for your potential majors and desires. Continue your search beyond just one potential option.

While the perfect fit seems so clear to many within just one visit, multiple visits will help to make you more confident in your decision. Don’t limit your search, explore beyond your comfort zone.

Finally, maintain perspective. High school is full of teenagers that are just coming to terms with huge decisions like college. Ask parents, teachers and adults who have successfully earned a college degree for additional advice or suggestions.

“My parents were very supportive and really helped me with my decision,” Stryczek said.

Remember, there is a school that will be your perfect match, so be patient and keep on with your journey.