The spirit of Inktober


October is a special time for all aspiring artists, especially with the challenge that artist Jake Parker has created.

Inktober is a month-long challenge where artists make one ink drawing each day that can connect with a prompt list.

This can help with the main things traditional artists struggle with. Most artists struggle with time management, inking and coming up with ideas. This can apply to many creators across the globe, especially applying to new artists that are joining the community.

While Inktober can be stressful, it can sometimes teach artists how to time manage. By knowing the prompts for the whole month, the artist can plan their schedule and even ink ahead of time so that they don’t fall behind.

There are also artists who are not as skilled with outlining their art with ink. But as the month progresses, they can show improvement with inking. Beginner artists usually lack understanding of specific aspects of inking, such as controlling the ink on the paper. Another thing artists deal with while inking is being able to control their hand from trembling too much,  forming shaky lines.

In response to artists creating their pieces digitally, Parker speaks about the “spirit of Inktober.”

“The spirit of Inktober is self improvement, and there’s no better way to master your craft than to draw without a safety net,” Parker said.

Inktober isn’t about creating simple pictures and pressing the undo button. Inktober is about actually noticing your mistakes as you ink your work and realizing that you need to improve.

Another purpose for Inktober, according to Parker, is to develop positive drawing habits.

“Working digitally usually means using control Z a bunch so you get your line just right, and that can enable someone to develop bad drawing habits,” Parker said on Twitter.

Many digital artists struggle to improve due to repeating their actions over and over again.

The prompts are not actually specifying what exactly you have to draw. Instead, the artists have to create something based off the topic that has been provided to them.

Examples of these prompts are “swift,” “mysterious” and “found.” These prompts help artists come up with ideas based on the word that is given to them for that day. For example, an artist could draw Batman for the prompt “mysterious” due to his mysterious aura.

Inktober doesn’t just have one prompt per day, but can have multiple prompts made by others. Other prompts consist of themes that relate to Halloween, such as “pumpkins,” “potions” and “ghosts.”

According to Jake Parker’s website, he tells artists that they don’t have to do it daily as long as they actually are consistent throughout their drawing experience. He also provides links to Amazon, in which they sell art supplies and he tells Inktober participants the pros and cons of each item.

Jake Parker hopes the best for the participants of Inktober, and he believes that every single one of them has the potential to “make something beautiful.”