December 12: Here is a Christmas sweater (tree)t

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December 12: Here is a Christmas sweater (tree)t

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Christmas season is the time to crack out that ugly sweater of yours. Not having one is very common, luckily, it’s quick, easy, and a good way to make someone crack a smile using simple Christmas materials that you own in your house.

First, gather all your materials for the sweater. You’ll need:

-A sweater of any color or size


-Ornaments – any color or size

-A star to top it off



  1. Lay your sweater totally flat on a table or floor
  2. Grab your tinsel and start weaving it up the center of your sweater making it smaller and smaller as you get to the top to create a Christmas tree
  3. Every tree needs to be decorated so take your ornaments and start placing them on the tree however you want.
  4. Finally, grab your star and place it on top of the tree


Enjoy showing off your ugly sweater and making heads turn!