Is college worth it for all students?


Cartoon by Nehemiah Lee

By: Matt Cushman, Editor

College is a place that many people want to go due to the idea that going to college immediately after high school is the best option for the best career. Although there are many other possibilities after college, I think that college is the best place to go after school in terms of furthering your career.

With the many differing majors and minors, there are almost an unlimited possibility for what you can do with your future. Continuing after college allows many opportunities, internships, and jobs that could relate to what you want to do.

Many professions also require a college degree, whether it be a bachelor’s, master’s, etc., it would be good to have some sort of college experience to succeed in your career. Although some careers do not require college or diplomas, many do because of the knowledge that is given that helps succeed in the career.

One problem could be discovering what you want to go into after school, but there is always a time that you could discover what you want to do. A solution could be taking a gap year, which is a year where you don’t school, or some colleges offer undecided courses that you can take general education courses that everyone usually takes.

Another scary part about college is the cost and debts that come with gaining knowledge. According to, the current average student loan debt from graduates from a four-year college or university stands at $26,600. This could cause some problems with people considering college and being scared away, but getting a job and spending money wisely can really help lower that debt.

Succeeding in your career all depends on you, but going to college can help further develop your skills in that field and impress future employers. Although there are some worries, working hard and being smart about college can help you in the future.