Rise up, wise up, eyes up: Student takes a stand for immigrants


Photo by Bella Vargas

By: Ava Mandele, Editor in Chief of Web

On February 16, 2017 immigrants across the Chicago area, and all over the U.S, are participating in “A Day Without Immigrants” .

“A Day Without Immigrants” is a campaign meant to send a message to President Trump, who has spoken passionately about plans to close the border between Mexico and the U.S.

Immigrants all over the U.S. have been instructed to close their stores, not show up to work or school and not buy anything for all of Thursday to show the immense effect they have on the economy, diversity and workforce in America.

In Aurora, more than 15 stores plan to close for the day. Other businesses choosing to stay open are planning on donating today’s profits to Latino Organizations.

Along with the store closures, marches in major cities all over the world have been organized to protest discrimination against immigrants and President Trump’s recent controversial Muslim ban.

Junior Alex Ponce is participating in the movement in her own way by wearing a sign that says “No, I’m not here” and taping her mouth. Ponce comes from a family of immigrants and feels a moral responsibility to speak out about all the injustices immigrants face on a daily basis.

“I am standing up to all the lies, insults and discrimination not just towards all hispanics and latino people, but to immigrants EVERYWHERE. I didn’t get to go to Chicago, so this is the best I can do,” Ponce said.

Ponce hopes this nationwide protest is eye opening to people who underestimate the role immigrants play in the American society.

“I hope they realize that immigrants do a lot for this country. I have a lot of opinions and thoughts about this topic because everyday I go home and the news is on about another unjust deportation and see the fear in my family’s eyes, it makes me want to fight even more. This is our home too,” Ponce said.