The biggest shopping day of the year arrives

By: Jason Edwards, Reporter

Junior Noah Jones knows that it is not only the girls who go Black Friday shopping. He firmly believes that it is just a stereotype that only girls go Black Friday shopping.

Jones was asked where he usually goes on Black Friday and what he shops for.

“Usually I go to Kohl’s, Carsons, Ross, and sometimes even Lowes because they all have killer deals,” Jones said.

“I usually go out and buy clothes like sweaters because it is cold outside at that time,” Jones said.

He loves Black Friday so much that he thinks it should even be considered a national holiday.

“I love Black Friday so much that I think it should become a holiday because it is the second best thing next to Christmas,” Jones said.

Black Friday gives everyone the opportunity to get things that are way under priced for a day. Black Friday shopping can be difficult if you don’t have the correct tips to do so.

A local Kohl’s manager Rick Larson says that one important step to Black Friday shopping is managing your money efficiently.

“I firmly believe that before coming into the store you should look online at the sales first and then manage your money from there,” Larson said.

Another good tip might include managing your time, considering the amount of people that may be at the particular store. There may be long lines at the store and you might have to predict the best time to go may be.