April 12 Board Meeting

Go knights

Photo By madi little

Go knights

The April 12 Kaneland District 302 board meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendance was then taken, and all members besides Aaron Lawler and Vice President Ryan Kerry were present. 

Shortly after the introduction section of the meeting, a note of thanks was given to the administration, staff, students and family of the Kaneland district for a successful return to full in-person learning for both the elementary and middle schools. The Board/Superintendent salute shortly followed, acknowledging the changes being observed at the schools that have returned to full in-person learning. 

The next section of the board meeting opened the floor to public comments. The first comment that was given by Robert Murphy gave thanks to the board along with all Kaneland staff for their work during this abnormal school year.

“I am here tonight to express the sincere appreciation of the Kaneland parents and students who recognize and acknowledge the thoughtful and dedicated efforts taken by the Board of Education,” Murphy said. 

This was followed by two comments that were critical of the board and their Return to Learn plan.

“I’m here tonight to discuss my disappointment and disgust with this district currently,” a Maple Park community member said.  

This community member felt as though her voice was not being heard by the board and administration. Her worries focused on students’ grades for second semester, social and emotional learning and preparation of the board regarding the Return to Learn plan. 

Personalized Learning Coordinator Laura Garland was then given the floor to talk about updates concerning summer school, credit redemption and related fees. For the elementary and middle school level comprehensive courses, the participants discussed the continuation of enhancement camps and adding seminar courses focusing on identified gaps in learning.

At the high school level, it was suggested that fees should be waived for those making up courses over the summer that they are currently failing; students with financial support plans in place will also have fees waived. The total cost for all summer programming is an estimated $61,800. 

Director of Human Resources Dr. Christopher Adkins then went over the approval of additional full time employees (FTE) for kindergarten, as well as the approval of an increase of FTE for the educational services secretary position.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Leden then discussed adding a day to the end of this school year. Because March 11 was an emergency day that was not used remotely, we will have to add Tuesday, May 25, to this year’s school calendar. 

Leden continued by mentioning the board’s plans for a full return to in-person learning in the fall of the 2021-22 school year. The board meeting on May 24 is the target date to bring this plan back to the board.

“Our plan for the fall is to continue to work towards the commitment to have all of our students back five days a week for full days,” Leden said. 

There were no board reports, topics for future agendas or public comments discussed at the end of the meeting.