Board publicizes teachers’ intent to strike


Photo By Skylar Rolle

Board members discuss teacher contracts.

By: Dylan Mondi, Editor

On November 9th, the Kaneland Board of Education released a statement in response to the teachers filing an intent to strike on November 5th. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a strike is happening but is required by law after an intent to strike is filed.

An intent to strike means the teachers are willing to strike if an agreement isn’t reached. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are on the verge of a strike. There is a minimum 10 days notice required by the state before a strike could start if both sides reach an impasse and can’t negotiate anymore.

After the Kaneland Education Association (KEA) files the intent to strike to the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board the board will notify the school that an intent to strike has been filed and the school board is required by law to publicize the information

The last paragraph of the statement is the most important because it doesn’t signify that the school board and the KEA have reached an impasse, which would mean that a strike is likely.