Culver’s Open for Business in Sugar Grove


Photo By Vanessa Pitts

By: Sam Gomes, Reporter

The highly anticipated Culver’s opened in Sugar Grove on Monday afternoon Oct. 23. The new building was packed with people from all around the Kaneland community as people waited to see what the new business had to offer.

“I knew it was opening night, but I didn’t expect to wait over a half hour for my food,” alumnus Jake Obremski said.

Culver’s employees had to work quickly as the train of orders kept coming. Every table in the building was filled with customers.

“This is a straight mad house, I have no clue how the workers don’t mess up all the orders. I’m impressed,” alumnus Joey Brandonisio said

Multiple customers had the same feelings as Brandonisio.

“This wait is really long, but let’s be honest some [cheese] curds are totally worth it,” Luke Gomes said.

The menu at the new Culver’s is the same as any other Culver’s including their earlier mentioned cheese curds.