History department plans on monthly movies

By: Zoe Haenisch, Reporter

Kaneland High School’s Social Studies Department has started hosting monthly movie nights in the KHS auditorium to provide students a chance to learn about real life events.

The concept for these movie showings came up when Social Studies teachers Javier Martinez and Patrick Ryan wanted to make learning about historic events more entertaining.

“Our intent is to provide the students with an opportunity to learn about real life events in  an entertaining way. We want the student body to continue to vote on the selection for the movies and how that it becomes a regular monthly event,” Martinez said.

The first movie was decided by the Social Studies Department Teachers, then at the first movie night they gave out a ballad so students could vote on the next movie.

The next movie night will be December 18 in the KHS auditorium. They will be showing the movie Lone Survivor. January’s movie is most likely going to be Argo. The showing will begin at 6:00 p.m.

“We heard feedback that starting at 6:30 made for a later evening,” teacher Lynn McHenry said.

Students attended the first movie night for many reasons. Some teachers gave extra credit for students who attended. Also, members of Model United Nations attended to sell candy and raise money for their club.

“At intermission we set out candy and everyone got in a line and bought some,” sophomore Cyrena Pierce said.

Depending on the rating of movies students will have to print off a permissions slip from the KHS website and have their parents sign it. They will have to bring it with them to the movie, which allows them to see the movie.