New Dress Code Rules Show Shoulders


Photo by Madeline Hockey

The dress code now allows students to show their shoulders during school.

By: Madeline Hockey, Editor

After years of students complaining about the dress code, a change has finally been made. With a new dean this school year, the student handbook has been revised.

Female students were mostly upset about not being able to show their shoulders. The 2016-2017 handbook stated,

“Male and female students must wear clothing that completely covers the body from the shoulders to mid-thigh. Shoulders must be completely covered. No bare midriff and tank tops are allowed. The only exception is a sleeveless, tailored shirt of blouse. (Mid-thigh is defined as: A student standing in an upright position with arms hanging along the side of the body when the fingertips are touching the thigh).

In contrast to last year, the 2017-2018 handbook states,

“Students must wear clothing that covers the entire middle of the body, sides as well as front and back, and underwear/undergarments must not be seen at any time.”

Some of the rules have remained the same, as in footwear must be worn at all times and clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol etc. may not be worn.

Security guard Kelly Herriman stated that the new rules are obviously in favor of the students, giving them more flexibility in what they can wear.

“The rules were changed because dress code was such an issue last year,” Herriman said.

Last year’s dress code also stated,

“Backpacks and purses or any equipment used to carry items are not to be carried from class to class. These items are to be stored in student lockers immediately upon entering school.” During this school year, all students are now able to carry their backpacks with them throughout the day.