School Board Approves Teacher Grants

By: Dylan Calabrese, Editor

At the board meeting on Monday Nov. 13 the Recipients of the Kaneland foundation grant request were announced and gave a brief description on what they will use the money for. There were grant recipients from all around the school district.

From Harter Middle School, Jessica Wieblers’ grant of $360 was granted for podcasting equipment to help students in all departments for various projects and communication with other students.

Patricia Pattermann, also from the middle school, request for $1,570 was granted for iPads to help students with educational apps.  The iPads will help the students with their personalized learning.

The middle school’s librarian Rachel Ramos request for $3,000 was granted for big lego type blocks so students can separate themselves with the blocks.  This will also help the students in their personalized learning by allowing them to individually study and do their own work.

Three teachers from Blackberry Creek Elementary School were granted $1,500 for more comfortable seating arrangements, this way students will be provided with a new learning environment.  

Molly Lee from John Shields Elementary School requested and was granted $2,070 for five mini iPads. The mini iPads will help the students with their personalized learning with the access of more useful resources.

Tina Schertzer from Kaneland Harter Middle School was granted $464 for more floor space for four gaming chairs for students for the new flexible seating system, the flexible seating system is a way to allow students to sit almost anywhere in classroom. Also, she received five laptop desks for students to support their chromebooks on.

Two teachers from Mcdole Elementary School were granted $1,000 for ozobots. They received 18 of the cubes.  The cubes are blocks that will help students with problem solving, critical thinking and can be used to code using color markers.

Cindy Babich from Blackberry Creek Elementary School was granted $818 for three mini iPads so students can combine their reading with technology. The students will also be able to make book trailers using iMovie.

Tracy Mazurkiewica from John Stewart Elementary School was granted $700 for two sets of Rigamajigs. A Rigamajig is a hands free building kit used to for free play and learning. The Rigamajigs will be used for critical thinking as a way for students connect for three-dimensional building.

Maria Dripps-Paulson from the Kaneland Arts Initiative was granted $300 this will be used for students to have free opportunities to learn about the world of theatre. The funds will cover the professional teaching lessons.