School board honors Kaneland teachers


Photo By Alec Aurelio

English teacher Christina Staker poses with an appreciative student.

By: Jack Coyle, Editor

Teachers make a difference. Rarely, however, is that difference measurable, but Kaneland educators have found a way to make it so. District 302, according to yearly reports, have made substantial improvements on standardized tests in areas of math and science.

The Kaneland school board chose to honor the teachers responsible for this improvement by voting on April 28 to have a teacher appreciation week. The week begins on Monday, May 5 and ends on Friday, May 10, in sync with National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7.

Take a moment out of one’s day all week, or especially on May 7, to say thank you to the great teachers at Kaneland who dedicate themselves every day to making kids better students and persons.