School-wide assembly features different events


Photo by Amanda Bade

The Pom team performs at the start of the assembly, occurring on February 13.

By: Sara McEvoy, Reporter

The traditional Winter Break assembly took place on February 13 this year. It opened with a performance from the Pom team while the band played music.

Afterwards, students watched the Mr. Kaneland contestants participate in a game of musical chairs. Following club and sport recognition, the percussion band team performed on garbage bins. The drummer rolled his way into the center of the gym with three large garbage bins to start their performance. As he removed smaller bins from the large ones, new drummers were added to the performance, and a drummer in a Santa Claus costume jumped out of one of the bins.

Teachers then took on seniors in a game of dodgeball, and the seniors were victorious. When the game came to a close, the Pom team stepped out and performed another routine.

A highlight of the assembly was the orange passing game, in which the players are supposed to pass an orange through their line using only their chins, trying to get it all the way down and back, but it ended with the teacher’s row actually passing the orange along using their mouths.

“I didn’t know what games were planned; it was a surprise, and it was awkward, but I did it for the students’ enjoyment,” math teacher Rosemary Wisniewski said.

The last event that took place was Leap Frog, and the assembly ended with the Kaneland victory chant that was led by the cheerleading team.